"Surfing is more than a preferred sport, it is a way. The surfer's intimate association with the water puts the ocean's moods and its health in your face as you risk everything to get up and go. The ocean is alive, demanding that you stay alert. To line up with its energy you have to feel the ocean connecting with both local weather and with cosmic forces. This makes me consider not only the tides and the storms, but also the water captured in the Hetch Hetchy Dam high up in the Sierras and the contamination in the rivers which flow into San Francisco Bay.

      "The get up and go with the flow attitude required to surf ocean waves has made surfing a popular metaphor for cruising the internet. 30,000 people passed through the Yerba Buena Center Surf Trip show where my video fresco played continuously for months. Only a blockbuster painting show can draw such a crowd. The following segment is one of twenty-some micro movies which cycled continuously at Surf Trip. This was one of my first public displays of digital video. These videos were made before I had an effective way to record my own music, so I used a taiko drum snippet from Ondekoza. Time to Check the Surf at Mavericks."