SALLY LARSEN exhibition at the Transamerica Center, San Francisco

[painting White Water Gold]
White Water Gold (46" x 101")

21st century work

The Ringtone Paintings and The Jizo Prints

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      I came to appreciate the Jizo statues of Japan as I roamed Tokyo, Kyoto and Nikko during the 1980s. More recently, as I contemplated the aftermath of September 11, 2001, the compassionate nature of the Jizos lent perspective as I worked to regain my own equilibrium. My September 12, 2001 show in NYC had a Buddhist theme, so I see this new work as a continuance. The paintings which form the color space for this layered series are inspired by my ongoing interest in entheogens. I have photographed the plants of the gods for years. Of late, I have been scanning my smaller gluon paintings directly to meld them with my b/w photographs. A most intriguing surface results.

[Jizo #1 Purple Fire; 48 in x 22 in]  [Jizo #2 Green Bib; 48 in x 22 in]
[Jizo #3 Female Bosatsu; 44 in x 22 in]  [Jizo #4 Green Leaves; 48 in x 22 in]
[Jizo #5 Lichen & Morning Glory; 28 in x 21 in] [Jizo #6 Big White Bib; 50 in x 34in]
[Natural Surrealism; 48 in x 22 in]  [Entheogens;48 in x 22in]