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Basic Biographical Information Problems
Questions about Published American Photographs

a call for assistance

      Inclusion in The German Eye in America list of photographers suggests that I have found credited photographs by the person or references to the individual as a German-born photographer known to have published photographs from the Americas or known to have exhibited photographs from the Americas. Most were born in Germany, Prussia, Austria, or German-speaking Switzerland although a few were born into the wider German-language diaspora. Many already included, however, require refined biographical information to confirm their year of birth, their city of birth, and the year they died if deceased. A few of the following are known to me by a single published American photograph. Needless to say I am eager to find more titles by these obscure individuals. I have queried Google, Wikipedia, Amazon,, and Unfortunately, these oracles come up short. Consequently, I'm still looking for the final word about many of the individuals. Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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? implies a question about:

NAME (? ? ?) = (Year born : City of birth : Year died)

      NOTE: A question mark following the first year inside the parentheses (1960? ? ?) means the date of birth has been estimated by subtracting 30 years from the earliest publication date found. A question mark in the second place implies that I do not have a very good guess in which city the photographer was born while a question mark following a city name means the city of birth has been inferred by a hometown reference. A question mark in the third place just before the closing parentheses means I do know if the person is still alive nor, if deceased, the year of their passing.

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