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bio & curriculum vitae

SALLY LARSEN: (1954, San Francisco CA) A Native American with Apache/Aleut roots, Sally Larsen lives and works in the city of her birth. Coming of age in San Francisco as psychedelia blossomed in the late 1960s, she found her way to Golden Gate Park where she intuitively sought the society of artists and musicians. Self educated as an artist and as a cultural historian, since the 1980s she has exhibited her photographs, paintings, and video-fresco installations in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu, Seattle, and Chicago. While drawn to cameras and computing, her vision is painterly and expressive. Music remains her Muse. Her streaming digital video-frescos combine her photography and her recent paintings with her musical compositions. She has been published in monographs and surveys. An accomplished martial artist and an avid surfer, her philosophy reflects the layered cultural aesthetic of the Pacific Rim.

Sally Larsen surfing Kauai, photo by Jeff Walba

                Artist's Statement

                Selected Exhibitions & Video frescos

Vatican Museum Double Spiral Stairway. Photograph and orotone by Sally Larsen

                GRANTS AND AWARDS

  •       2001      Artist in Residence Grant Award from Art21, Paul G. Allen Foundation, and Daybreak Star Arts Center, Seattle WA

  •       2012      Installation Support Grant for The German Eye in America, the Goethe-Institut, San Francisco

                    SELECTED COLLECTIONS:

  •       Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York, NY

  •       National Gallery of Art - Washington, DC

  •       Los Angeles County Museum of Art - L.A., CA

  •       San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, SF CA

  •       Racine Art Museum - Racine, WI

  •       Rockwell Museum - Corning, NY

  •       Daybreak Star Arts Center - Seattle, WA

  •       Honolulu Academy of Arts - Honolulu, HI

  •       Microsoft Corporation - Redmond, WA

  •       First Hawaiian Bank - Honolulu, HI

  •       Graham Nash Collection - Encino, CA

  •       Chapman & Cutler - Chicago, IL

  •       McKinsey & Company - Chicago, IL

  •                 BIBLIOGRAPHY: Publications and selected Citations:

  •       2010  Photography plus book cover and frontis design for twenty Solo Zone Publishing Kindle editions.

  •       2009  Sally Larsen Works-in-Progress by Cristina Deptula at

  •       2009  Thread by Patrick Trefz (powerHouse Books 2009) includes first published reference to The German Eye in America project.

  •       2002  Mastering Digital Printing: Photographer's and Artist's Guide to Digital Output, by Harald Johnson; Muska & Lipman, Cincinnati.

  •       2002  Photography's Antiquarian Avant Garde: The New Wave in Old Processes, by Lyle Rexer; Abrams, NYC.

  •       2001  Plants used for religious purposes..., editorial by Heidi Dietrich, Queen Anne/Magnolia News, Seattle, 20 June

  •       2000  Water a word worth a thousand pictures; by Sally Larsen, a limited edition color jet book.

  •       2000  The Big Bang; by Sally Larsen, a limited edition color jet book.

  •       2000  In the Manner of Animals; photographs by Sally Larsen, -ine poems by Bart Alberti, Solo Zone publishing.

  •       1998  Western Waters; by Sally Larsen with a poem by Gary Snyder, a limited edition laser book.

  •       1997  Review, by Joan Rose; The Honolulu Advertiser, July 27.

  •       1997  Mana Manna Mania; by Sally Larsen; a limited edition laser book.

  •       1996  Obsidian Land, Photo Metro; Introduction by Jo Leggett; May.

  •       1996   Obsidian Land; by Sally Larsen; a limited edition laser book.

  •       1994  No Feathers: Manifest Destiny Indicted, Catalog by Rockford College; Essay: Donald Garfield.

  •       1994  Review, by Tina Wasserman; New Art Examiner; March.

  •       1993  JAPLISH, a view of contemporary Japan, by Sally Larsen; Pomegranate Press.

  •       1991  Photography; The New Yorker; Jan. 13.

  •       1991  Art in Review, by Charles Hagen; The New York Times; Nov. 22.

  •       1991  Sally Larsen: Absorbing & Reflecting on Visions of Life, by Neeli Cherkovski; The City; December.

  •       1989  Review, by Neeli Cherkovski; Photo Metro; November.

  •       1988  Micro Art, by Ann Hurley; The San Francisco Bay Guardian; Vol. 22: 36; June 22-29.

  •       1985  Bay Area Photography 1985, by Jim Jordan; Artweek; Vol. 16: 31; Sept 28.


  •       1994  Instructor: Tai Chi Chuan and weapons forms; Choy Kam Man Tai Chi Chuan Academy, San Francisco, CA

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